Thursday 25 October 2012

Animatronic Eye

I decided to fit a new animatronic eye. The mutant looked good with the eyelid working butI thought a moving eye would add a bit more realism. The Mechanism is very simple, just two micro servos, one stuck on top of the other and a bracket made up which will allow the plastic ball which will become the eyeball to be attached. With the servos arranged like this I will have pan and tilt of the eyeball. It is also very compact as the whole servo mechanism fits inside the eye ball.

Once the eyeball is painted fully and set into the mutant it should look very real, well as real as a Dalek Mutant looks.

Sunday 21 October 2012

Asda Swindon

Collecting today for Breast Caner charity at the Asda in Swindon. 

Saturday 13 October 2012

Chippenham Church event

Very strange driving a Dalek through a Church, but fun and raising lots of money for charity

Very large sound system

Just before the Weston Super Mare event I decided to add a louder sound system as I wanted to run some songs and themes as well as sounds and I sound the smaller sound system did not have the base I wanted. The New system certainly has the extra grunt, at 1200w, about 600rms into each channel. I am running two 8" subs plus a smaller 4" full range unit in the upper part of the dalek to give the sound a bit more direction . The only down side is the power draw, something I need to work on I think, but the effect and extra power is well worth it.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

New Gadgets

Overal a much better smoke effect. The smoke is still blow around when outside much much move visible. Inside the effect combined with the lights is very sci-fi.

Ducking going up through the internal body

A second duct blowing smoke over the top of the mutant.

The density of the smoke is much better, only negative is that it produces more water vapour and hence the whole surface is a bit wetter, although this is not a problem due to the whole surface being made from latex and hence water proof.

New smoke unit producing a much higher volume of smoke from the five element unit. As you can see I have fitted a variable switch to control the speed of the fan.

The mist is ducked up through the main body to the base of the mutant

Slightly new power system layout due to fitting the larger smoke unit. I am also playing around with some voltage meters which I can plug into the charging ports to check final voltage levels.

Sunday 7 October 2012

Grand Pier. Weston Super Mare.

A very sunny day raising money on the Pier at Weston. Great company, great weather.
This is Dalek Caan's second public event with the new dome and everything seems to be working well. After a whole days trundling around the batteries are reporting they are at 60% which is great considering the new larger capacity smoke machine and new 1200w sound system, which by the way is very loud.

Castle Combe Race Circuit. Mini Day

A great fun day raising loads of money and having fun with mini's.