Saturday, 5 May 2012

In the Begining

It all starts with a bit of MDF and some glue.
I have never really been interested in building a full size Dalek as they can be a pain to transport around to events. Also many of the events I attend, there a plant of Daleks around.
After building Zoe (R11.E1) with the cut away design I have an idea, what about a cut away Dalek. It would be inspired by Dalek Caan.  In all my travels I have never seen a build like this before.
The plan, therefore, is to build a Dalek Hybred. The lower section will be as a standard first generation Dalek, however, the skirt will be slightly larger like the film ones. The whole build will be radio control, I am not interested in sitting inside a Dalek. The upper section will be designed so the top part of the body opens up to reveal the Dalek inside which will be fully anamatronic. The upper body section will appear to break apart to revel the insides. The top section will also be cut away so you can see through the plates to partially see the electronics and biological Dalek inside.I am not sure yet if it will have a dome, like Dalek Caan or not. Power is coming from a rather powerful mobility scooter which should be very interesting as it is exceptionally powerful and will travel over most surfaces. I have no doubt that this build will evolve as it develops. I like the idea of having an organic creature inside the Dalek (Dalek Caan) which will be radio control with all the electronics around it.
I had a set of plan from the first static Dalek I built with some students at the school where I work.

Mock up to check all the parts fit

Time to start cutting out forty holes

The whole lower section is built from 6mm MDF with the base 19mm MDF.
The top section is just mocked up for now but will be cut to fit and fitted in correctly

All the panels now cut and holes prepared

Plenty of left over material

Time to glue everything together

I don't want to make the structure to heavy so I have fitted light battens to give the structure extra strength. The whole structure does not have to be mega strong as the unit will be radio control and not have a person sat inside. I also really want to keep this build as light as I can.

The lower section is now glued with a combination of PVA and Evo -stick grip fill. I have also cut two of the top rings ready for shaping, although I have some ideas of how these can look slightly different from normal.

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