Sunday, 5 August 2012

A few finishing touches.

After doing some testing of the drive system it appears that the batteries that I was given were not holding there charge for long enough so I decided to get tow new 40Amp SLA batteries. After charging them and fitting the difference was amazing and power has certainly increased. A few more bits have also been added. Due to the new power I will need to fit some wheelie wheels under the rear of the boot to just make sure that the whole build does not fall over, it should be ok, but just incase.
The top mounted radar was not strong enough so I replaced it with a simple plasma plate. The LED lighting effect does look much better behind the mutants head and should look great in low lighting venues. I have also added the scrolling LED message behind the latex skins stretched on the right hand side. A few more details have also been added into the top section making it look more electronic.

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