Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Smoke machine

After the event at the weekend I decided that I really needed to add the smoke generator to give the real effect I was after, which is the mutant sitting in a smoky haze.  I will eventually get around to automating the tentacles, eye and head movement but for now the smoke generator was the most important. Now it is fitted it works better than I had expected. I am using the same smoke unit I used on Zoe which was the one I got from Mark at http://marksmodelbits.com. These smoke generators are simply awesome and are so effective and just use plane old water. On Zoe I had to modify the unit as it had to fit in a very small space and it needed to function in a way that would not have worked if I had kept the unit intact,  but on this build I have plenty of space so have left Marks design alone and simply fitted it. To direct the smoke I have used some old hose and routed it up under the tentacles. With the smoke generated just being water vapour it will leave a very fine residue of water over the surface it condenses on but in this case that does not matter as latex is water proof plus the wet look will add to the design. I have also decided not to use a variable fan on this build as the more smoke I can generate the better. When fitting the unit I had to move the compressed air system slightly as it was important the Foggy was kept level and also easy to get at to refill. I have also kept the switching very simple, using a hidden switch under one of tentacles. I did not really see any point in remotely switching the unit on and off as with this build I have to stay much closer to it when driving it around, due to its greater mass.  If you want a great fog/mist effect then used one of these fog units. Very simple to mount, very effective and highly recommended.

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