Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I managed to get the rings rough cut tonight and mocked up to see what they would look like fitted to the rest of the build. Once everything is together it certainly looks the part. The bumper worked better than I had hoped as I was not to sure if it was to high and thin. With the guns in the drop down position and everything fitted it looks very squat and mean. The best thing of all is that just removing the top rings it will fit in my van so no need for disassembly. I have now worked out where I am going to place the electronics unit and also how it will be accessed when the mutant is fitted. The gun pods were originally going to be fixed but I have now decided to make them removable although this will cause one problem which I will have to over come. I was going to move the guns with cables, in turn attached to servos in the main body. I may have to now change this plan and fit the drive servos for each gun in the gun pods and fit quick release connectors to make removing the pods easier.
99% of the MDF work is now complete. A back plate needs cutting and fitting in the top section which the mutant will, on one side sit against and on the other the electronics board.
Next job on a sunny day will be loads of filer and priming. The hems will be made tomorrow on the vacuum former and i will soon start on the gun mechanisms. The August deadline looks promising.

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