Sunday, 13 May 2012

Starting to take shape

A fair bit of progress this weekend. The gun boxes have had some work done on them as well as the bumper. I am starting to think out where all the electronics will go so I will still have maintenance access when I need it. The problem I have with this build is the power of the motors. Because they are big motors, when attached to the wheels they are hard to push, i.e, they don't free wheel. What I am going to do is place the heavy stuff, batteries and motors in a removable drive unit so it can be moved independent of the upper body for transportation. My dilemma is, do I place all the other electronics on this drive unit or place the electronics in the upper body. Problem with placing the electronics in the upper body is that the drive unit will not be easily moveable and will have to be pushed or lifted into the van for transport. If I place the main electronics board in the drive unit I can dive it into the van for transport.  I worked out how to fit the bumper. It simply slips over the top of the main skirt and rests on the lower lip. So far everything is made from MDF although the two body rings are 3mm Styrene. Even though I am trying to build the Dalek Caan it will have a few unique and custom features. I wanted to mix up the versions of Dalek, new old and a few of my own ideas. On the whole it is looking OK so far. It will soon be time for paint, something that i am not looking forward to as it costs so much. 
Next job will be the top rings and completing the gun boxes and main mutant bay. I will make the hems from 1.5mm vacuum form plastic. Once it has arrived I will get the 40 hems made up, these will be gold. The colour for the main body is going to be metallic bronze.

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