Monday, 7 May 2012

More Progress

It stopped raining so I managed to get a bit more done. Problem is that my garage is currently full of junk and other builds so I need to work half in and half out of the garage. I have started to work on the top section. It is a bit more difficult than normal because I have to build it as a cut aways, the whole front section missing. I have managed to fold some hard board over the rear top section but as yet it is not fixed in place until I decide on the final placement of the drive tray. It is fixed in place with screws so it will form the shape. I am a bit worried that the height from the floor to the lower section of the skirt is to high, at about 9" although when everything is held in place it would give a 2" ride height. 
The old wheel chair that provides the power is now fully stripped down and only the motors and drive tray is left. As you can see from the motors, this build will have no problems traveling over any surface with the size of these motors. 
I will get the top rings cut again over the coming week as I messed up the first two and get them fitted in place.
The lower bumper will not take to long to make, all I have to do is come up with a quick release system to attach and reattach it for storage and transport. 
The gun boxes will provide a challenge as they are going to be moveable, sliding from there normal position to a lower one, exposing Caan inside. 
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