Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have managed to get a bit more done on the Dalek.

Bands which go around the main body cut from plastic

A start on the mutant platform. I will probably place secret switches in these panels to power up each of the electronic circuits. 

Tentacle prototype. (See video)

I have mainly been thinking about how I will make the mutant Caan and how I will get it moving.I have come up with a simple idea which I will test over the weekend. I have mocked up a simple prototype and it seems to work so in theory my idea should be ok. The plan is to build all ten tentacles of the mutant of a simple drive unit. This will be a simple batten of wood which will support all ten tentacles. I will use a simple wire control system running back to servos to make the tentacles twitch and move. To save on channels two or three channels should be ok for the tentacles and one for the eye. You can see in the video of testing the tentacle mechanism that simplicity seems to work. The centre support tube might need to be slightly stronger though and maybe the wires a little lighter. I will try old guitar strings as opposed to cycle cables. The next problem I will have once the animatronic mechanism is built will be covering them with liquid latex to make them look real, not sure how I will do this as yet, all ideas welcome. 
Other things I worked on was the rings that rap around the Dalek body. these where cut from 3mm plastic and should paint up nicely.I will probably do the slats that co around the middle section with the same material. I have also been thinking about where the main electronics board will go. I have decided that it will fit under the plate where the mutant Caan will sit and be removable for maintenance. The power switches will be hidden in amoungst the fake electronics of the mutants burnt out housing. Once I get a bit further with this it will all make sense. 

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