Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some weathering and mutant work

I started the day by starting the weathering that is going to be quite extreme on this build, considering that it has been through a time portal and been partially destroyed.  I also decided to do some more work on the tentacles and that is where everything went wrong. My original design for moving the tentacles does seem to have a few problems. I originally planned to move six tentacles via three servos but movement is not very realistic so I am now going with four moving tentacles giving a much better and faster movement. I have also redesigned the tentacles getting rid of the centre tube and instead sandwiching the plastic discs between some soft foam. The cables are still used to move the tentacles which run through the discs. Using foam is a much better idea because it will move covering the tentacles much easier. The only unknown factor is how much resistance the liquid latex will provide when applied over the foam.
Tomorrow I will get the eye fitted and working and have a go at applying some latex to one of the tentacles to see if it works as planned. 

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