Sunday, 1 July 2012

Almost mobile

I have done a bit more over the last few weeks. Unfortunately the old drive system motors were just to powerful and I have had problems with speed controllers so they have now been replaced with some much smaller wheel chair motors. The new drive system has also been tidied up and is much more compact and neater. I have also decided to develop and new system to mount the water cannon bottle, compressed gas spray and 24v to 12v regulator. I have also had to cut a large inspection panel out of the back of the Dalek, something I did not want to do but had know choice as I need to be able to get tho the drive system.
As well as the drive system I have also done more work on the mutant. The eye is almost complete as is the detailing around the head. I still need to find some material that I can spray over latex to make it look greasy and wet to add to the effect around the head and eye. 
Next week I will try and get the new ESC fitted and get some video done of Caan's first movement.
There is still a great deal to do but hopefully I will hit my deadline for mid August so I can attend the Dalek invasion show at Fleet.

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