Wednesday, 11 July 2012

We are mobile

At last all my motor problems are sorted out, new 60Amp ESC and plenty of power. The only motor problem I have now is stopping the wheelies.

I have been doing loads of work on the build this weekend as I am running out of time to get it ready for the Dalek Invasion at Fleet. The electronics board has all been sorted out and tidied up and side LED's added. I still need to add a few more flashing white LED's to the main mutant cockpit. The Compressed Gas spray is fitted and working and fires across the mutant, the effect works really well. Water spray is fitted and working and exists out of the gun. The Mutant has been getting a makeover with extra coats of latex and more details added. A few more of the hems have been distressed as well. The sound system is in and mp3's all uploaded and working fine. I still need to get the skirt completed and made stronger and a few more gadgets need to be added but on the whole I now have a working, talking and evil looking Dalek Caan.

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