Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another Busy day

It has been a busy weekend with a fair amount of work completed.I have managed to get the bronze top coat applied as well as applying a first coat of lacquer. At this point I don't need to go any further on the base colours as there is a great deal of weathering to do on this build, not forgetting, it has gone through a time portal and been partially destroyed. The base colour looks ok, a bit gold at the moment but once I get to work on the weathering it will look much better. The boot has been sorted, cut down and a lower flexible section added meaning it can move up and down steep sloped and get into the van easily. The boot is also now permanently fixed to the main skirt which makes the whole structure much, much stronger.
I have started adding some of the hems in but as I was adding them wondered if some should be black or simply left out, I am not to sure yet. I have also added a bit of detailing with the body rings and slats. The gun boxes seem to fit perfectly. There is still a great deal of work to do on them as they need all the mechanisms for the moveable guns.
I have built the seat and cable control point for the mutant and mocked up a mutant out of plastic bags to get an idea of scale. The cable control system will be for the tentacles. Each of the three servos will control two legs via a cable system,  The top rings still need quick release cracked system as I will need to remove these to get the whole build in the van to get to events.

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