Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A bit of technical work.

On the opposite site of the servo which will move the gun will be a pivot bar offering more support, not yet constructed.

I will probably fit masses of LED's in the gun centre tube to give it a nice blue or red flashing effect triggered when a sound is made.

Since all I have been doing so far is cutting and gluing MDF I thought it would be nice to get the guns mocked up, ready for painting and full assembly. The main gun will be radio control and pitch up and down. I am not really interested in left and right as the whole Dalek can move in this axis. The gun will also house the water spray system via a tube running up the centre of the gun.
I have also started to manufacture the plunger arm, as yet I am not sure how this will be automated, if at all. 
All the hemispheres are now in and I decided to go with the gold and black combination which I think will look good when all weathered up.

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